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Let's present you our chimpanzee Kudia!

Since January, is sponsoring a chimpanzee of the Jane Goodall Institute, a recipient of ours. Last year, we have worked together for the Speak Out in the jungle project. Now, we continue with the sponsorship of Kudia, a chimpanzee.

ChimpAmig@s is a program of the Jane Goodall Institute in Spain through which can support nearly 140 chimpanzees living in the Tchimpounga Recovery Center in Republic of Congo. The vast majority of these babies have arrived after being confiscated from hunters, dealers or individuals that had them as pets. Often, babies have been through very traumatic experiences and become physically fit and mentally very low. With Tchimpounga caregivers, chimpanzees are treated and live in groups in a natural environment. There, they develop physical skills, cognitive and social skills they will need for future reintroduction into the jungle.

Our chimpanzee is called Kudia. Its name means "eat" in the local language Kituba. Kudia was rescued from a street vendor. She was chained and he barely fed her. The first few days downtown, she ate a lot and was always very tenderly because she was very skinny but with a swollen belly. Now, she is better and her integration into the group and her development have still been very successful.

With ChimpAmig@s program, each sponsor can be done and help their reintroduction. With the donations, sponsor a chimpanzee and may provide care, food and facilities necessary to ensure that the monkeys have a second chance. Every time you start a program, you receive a certificate during the year and receive periodic reports with news about your chimp and his companions who live in the center.

You can also support the Jane Goodall Institute's chimpanzee: Become a partner in the initiative!

More information: Instituto Jane Goodall

Margot Berg
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