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Headline news at the United Nations in Geneva

On Thursday, March 11, 2010, the team of visited the United Nations of Geneva to give a speech over web communication tools for NGOs in the context of an event for the Human Rights Council session.

Fifteen people met: participants were NGOs leaders dedicated to the protection of Human Rights. They all came from Africa and Haïti. Their level of use of the Internet technologies was basic and the class aimed to teach them about the tools used on the Internet to communicate easily.

The class lasted 2h30 and was divided in three parts. First of all, Laurence Cuny, consultant for, invited the participants to show their use of two websites rich in information useful for their organizations. It was about the website of the International Service for Human Rights (ISHR), coordinator of the event and the website of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations. Both are a database and a source of important information on each country. The use is complex due to the wealth of contents.

After this practical workshop, Margot Berg, european volunteer for, taught a class of 45 min detailing the communication tools on the web useful for NGOs. Assuming that the Internet was accessible to all, even without technical knowledge, she stressed the notion of collaboration and dematerialized exchanges. She worked with activities that dealt with the representation of a network through a guessing game on web icons, the class was intended to show participants the importance of the Internet to develop their communication at a reduced price.

To conclude the intervention, Laura Lopez, coordinator of youth programs for the Arigatou Foundation, and our beneficiary, presented their concrete relationship with the Web, how they developed their communication by targeting each audience with a Web 2.0 tool: a Facebook fan page for youth, an institutional website for media and partners…

The session was a success and participant's questions abounded afterwards. Jordi Durán i Batidor, president and founder of and Laia Durán i Batidor, project manager, answered the questions.

A video will soon be published to show the session of the Human Rights Council that took place in the United Nations in Genova. All the pictures of the intervention: album United Nations.

Margot Berg
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