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Fourth Technical Conference for Stewardship of the Land, Landscape, and Cultural and Natural Heritage

The XCT (Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori or Land Stewardship Network) Technical Conference was held again this year in a fantastic setting, in a farmhouse that has been adapted for training in the county of Lluçanés.

About eighty people were in attendance, all of whom were linked to the Catalan environmental movement. gave a workshop on “The XCT Members’ Campus,” where we examined the internet as a facilitator of the relationships among XCT members, and we explored the possibilities for participation in the XCT Area, the Members Council, the XCT Laboratory, working groups, committees, and projects.

We also had a few moments to speak about social networks and other opportunities that the internet offers us, and time for lunch during a well-organized day.

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on 30/04/2010
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