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Teaming, a support project promoting team work

Some ideas are at least fantastic; sometimes we believe everything has been invented, but when it comes to solidarity, human beings can always be more and more supportive. Take Teaming for instance: This project was created with the idea that team work is the way to achieve much, much more.

Teaming aims at gathering micro donations from a group of people in favour of a good cause. Individually, each donation would have no value, but together they can represent a real change. An example of how to do Teaming is a company in which every willing employee donates 1 euro from their salary every month; these donations are channelled by the company, which may in turn make an additional donation to value everybody's effort. In this way, the destination of the money collected is decided every month.

Dutch economist Jil Van Eyle is the creator of this initiative and has been supported by different organizations which have helped him shape this idea. In we are proud to participate in the concept and consulting in non-lucrative Internet and screencast. Companies such as Everis, Ravalnet , Mercadopago, and Intercom are also collaborating. However,  Huete&Samhoud, a consulting business, is the biggest collaborator through Teaming in different sectors.

Nowadays, more than 170.000 people are doing Teaming in over 40 countries around the world. Communication inside this movement is done by means of a virtual community that works as a social network and  favours the union between different groups which share the same aim: To help a good cause as a team.  Teaming has no boudaries, as it can be done by groups of friends or workmates, organizations, familes…the important thing is to channel a tiny help as a team and on a continuous basis.

Teaming is a good opportunity to create great moments working as a team in a company because everybody does its own equal share: Teaming is an opportunity to see people who don’t share their work place, such as the cleaning maid and the manager, jointly help and unite efforts for a common cause. Eventually, their tiny yet valuable help will  day after day contribute to a make a better world.

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Translation by Martha Bianchini
on 21/06/2010
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