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Headline news’s 2010 Summer Photo Contest

Summer has arrived and with it our plans to travel, to look for places that surprise us, relax us, or entertain us. We want to give you a project to work on if you consider yourself an observant and sensitive person, and have a camera.’s 2010 Summer Photo Contest is open and from now until September 20th you can send us your photographs.

The main idea behind the contest is to find images that illustrate the so-called ‘digital gap’, that can tell us how communities in different parts of the world are able, or unable, to make use of the new technologies. Through these images we can appreciate the differences that can exist in different parts of the world.

At we couldn’t live without the new technologies: we use them constantly, as an NGO working for a better world, by offering our knowledge and resources to organizations so that they can communicate and better achieve their ideas and activities to help mankind.

So we want you to grab your camera and capture images of things that impress you. An example might be: a man with a typewriter in a Colombian village, typing up information for his workers’ union. Or a group of youngsters on the train in Japan, getting their school lessons on their mobile phones.

You need to write a few lines to go with your photo: a little background, about what inspired you to take it, what it means to you and what you want us to notice about it, your view, positive or negative, about what you have captured with your camera.

The selected images will be published on our website, in album format, so that we can all reflect, through technology, on the development themes that concern us all.

You can read, on this page, the details and conditions of the contest, and if you need to know more about your author’s rights you can get information about the license in Creative Commons.

Send us your photo, before September 20th. The images we select, along with the names of the authors, will appear in the last week of September on

Thanks for participating and helping to improve the world, using the new technologies to help the organizations!


To participate, send us your photos with this participation form.

Translation by Lyndon Pugh
on 08/07/2010
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