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This summer's most amazing photographs

From a host of locations around the globe and from many contrasting perspectives, dozens of participants presented us with their visual interpretations of the digital divide.

Retrata la Brecha Digital 2010Internet users have once again risen to the challenge of documenting the digital divide on film over the course of their summer holidays.

The collection includes photos in Sudan, Zambia, China, Uganda, Iceland, Madagascar, Spain, Jordan... countries both near and far. Viewed through the eyes of others, the reality of technology's use throughout the world can always be surprising.

We therefore invite you to let yourself be surprised: web 2.0 lessons for the elderly, a radio and television project in Sudan, the nomadic Tuareg using mobiles...

This year, the photos have shown us that the digital divide does not correspond to countries or age groups - rather, they show that if there is a willingness to learn, the divide ceases to exist.

To everyone who sent in their photos: THANK YOU!
By taking part in this awareness campaign you help us to better understand the world around us.

We would like to remind you that these works are protected under Creative Commons licensing.

Visit the gallery: "Photographing the digital divide".

Translation by Jessie Linardi
on 27/09/2010
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