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Headline news plays the leading role in Good Practices at the 4th. Voluntary Sector Workshop

The fourth Voluntary Sector Workshop, which took place on 1st and 2nd October at the Casa del Mar in Barcelona, focused mainly on two key topics: the preliminary draft bill proposed by the Agencia Catalana del Voluntariado and the upcoming European Voluntary Sector Conference.

Another of the key points of the meeting was the presentation of the book “Good practices in civic, community and voluntary action” by the Observatorio del Tercer Sector.

This publication brings together successful experiments by different bodies and its aim is to pass on useful and necessary tips for improvinge results in the fields of community and voluntary work.

The work of was recognised under the heading “Technological resources available to the voluntary network”.

Related topics:

- Photo record of the workshop

- The volunctary sector agrees the text for the Catalan Voluntary Service

- The II European Voluntary Sector Conference will take place in Catalonia

Claudio Molino
Translation by Christopher Carver
on 14/10/2010
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