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Headline news family: The foundation supports a youth project in Latvia

Margot, a former European volunteer in, was supported by the Foundation for her project in Latvia. It is about a website and a reporting on her discovery of the country and interviews with youngsters, Latvian or foreigners.

The General Council of Yvelines and various city halls and associations in France also support this cultural project. was responsible for developing the site: A look at Latvia.

Margot tells us about her experience with the daily joys and difficulties.

"From July 14th until August 11th, 2010, I went alone to Latvia to realize a web documentary on young people and their country. It was a rewarding experience on both personally and professionally side.

My project is divided into two parts: the website and the documentary. I trained as a web editor and again, I could work those skills. Not only did I write about my daily life, but also I wanted to have a critical eye on Latvia. I loved the country; it has such an incredible story!

My other challenge was interviewing Latvians and foreigners. All were highly motivated and interested in the project and even to talk to me about their lives in Latvia, their expectations and their daily lives. I think their spontaneity gives an authentic look at the story.

The aim of this project was to discover a country through its people and implement an idea. I enjoyed that Latvians themselves were interested in my project. The exchange was twofold, they asked me questions about France, on my vision of Latvia and I asked them the same. I learned about a country from the former Soviet bloc through the eyes of participants and people I met.

The other goal was to complete a major project, alone, without letting it go at the first hurdle. The positive support of readers of the blog has only confirmed my choice and motivated me to continue. I have more confidence and trust in me, this experience not only allowed me to realize what I was preparing for six months but also to improve my language and digital skills. This personal initiative is the result of a regular and relevant job in the field of web and cultural communication.

Since September 2010, I moved into the third phase of the project: demonstrating the results. I came back with many pictures and five hours of video. The travel is done, but not the project and it's still as motivated as before that I continue to promote and improve every day.

In January 2011, I will present the final exhibition with photographs and the documentary to the City of La Celle Saint Cloud.

I want to thank for the support throughout the project. It was the first partner to support my project, and through the website, I could promote my adventure across the Web, that is to say internationally! Paldies!"

Webpage of the project

Pictures: left side, departure time; right side, Freedom monument, Rezekne, Latvia. 

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Margot Berg
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