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FAIRTRADE month on sharing good coffee with friends and projects

During the month of October, has supported the iniciative FAIRTRADE Month with the Fairtrade Association-Just Trade. Do you want to know how it was done?

The objective of FAIRTRADE month is to encourage just trade, get to know the Fairtrade mark and its products. This year, on we decided to participate in the campaign and help spread the word on what is just trade in all of our meetings.

In order to achieve this, we have offered the "Good Café" to everyone who has come to meet with us in Barcelona: workshops, consultations, courtesy visits…everyone was able to learn about just trade! The materials provided by the Fairtrade Association-Just Trade (informative brochures, trash bins, buttons..) have made it possible to spread the word in an entertaining way.

The participants have been excited to try to the products and not only the coffee, but also the chocolate, tea, sugar, rice cakes and other of the “goods”, all of which are natural, ecological and produced under just trade regulations.

FAIRTRADE month has come to an end, but we promise to keep our readers informed about the mark and the just trade products in our meetings as desired.

Visit the gallery to see photos of FAIRTRADE month 2010!

Claudio Molino
Translation by Jenny Kresina
on 08/11/2010
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