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Defending the rights and cultures of indigenous peoples with the NGO Survival

Just as we did with fair trade during this last month of October 2010, we are now offering specialists or representatives of Catalonian organisations the opportunity to receive free advice about ICT (Information and Computer Technologies) in our headquarters right in the centre of the Catalonian capital and at the same time look at the Survival range of gifts.

SurvivalIndigenous tribes, uncontacted ones in the Amazon or barely contacted ones, indigenous communities throughout the world that wish to maintain their culture, language, customs, lands……

These are the people that the NGO Survival defends, to preserve a human heritage that is in peril.

Now that we are approaching the time for thinking about presents, what better gift can you give than one that shows you care – and a surprising one at that.

On the NGO Survival website you will find such a caring shop where you can buy fair trade – in this case focusing on traditional handicrafts and the defence of indigenous communities from all round the world.

What’s more, during November and December, everyone who comes to the office in Barcelona will be able to see some of these products and find out more about the NGO.

Some people have already done so: see the album.

Logo Survival

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Translation by Christopher Carver
on 23/11/2010
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