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Did you know that the HIV-Aids virus has caused the deaths of 10,000 people in Catalonia? The ACASC (Citizen's Anti-AIDS Association of Catalonia) has been tackling this social problem, and for more than two decades has focussed all its efforts on improving the quality of life of those living with this suffering.

Emotional support to confront doubts and fears
Since 1987, the Citizen's Anti-AIDS Association of Catalonia (ACASC) has worked to improve the quality of life all those who live with HIV-Aids, without discrimination on the basis of sex, age, culture or religion.

This not-for-profit organization is backed up by the experience of 23 years of intensive work in the Raval district of Barcelona, and another 8 years in the city of Managua (Nicaragua).

For ACASC, dignity has no frontiers, and thanks to the help of citizens and other social organizations, the care of, and protection of the rights of persons with HIV-Aids and their families, is now a reality.

Workshops, hospital visits, legal advice, and the always-necessary emotional support for its users, as well as their immediate surroundings, are only a few of the activities of this institution, which in 2006 was declared a 'Public Interest Entity'.

In Nicaragua, thanks to the collaboration of local counterparts, ACASC has succeeded in strengthening community groups, and a greater awareness of the virus, especially in rural areas of the country, where people suffering from HIV-Aids face serious problems of discrimination and isolation.

The efforts of the people who work in this non-government organization are not aimed solely toward aid, but also toward the prevention of an illness which has caused the deaths of 30 million people, including 10,000 in Catalonia.

Join and support the work of the Citizen's Anti-AIDS Association of Catalonia (ACASC)!

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Translation by Lyndon Pugh
on 17/02/2011
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