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Pallapupas, the hospital clowns: ten years of making poorly children laugh

There are hospitals where the doctors, nurses, anaesthetists and surgeons work alongside people who have doctorates in entertainment, masters in animal imitation and degrees in hugs.

These are the Pallapupas, the clowns of the hospital, who bring the therapeutic benefits of laughing and playing to the hospital world so that the patients and their relatives can relax and are more able to deal with the painful moments.

The Pallapupas do more than just entertain. They aim to transform the wards, operating theatres, recovery rooms and other hospital areas into a world where children’s and patients’ imaginations help them to transform their anxiety, pain and worry into laughter, joy and hope. Tension makes way for a positive atmosphere that benefits the relatives as well as the hospital staff.

The Pallapupas are part of the hospital that work as part of a team with the medical staff and roam freely around the hospital as if it were their home. They even go into the operating theatres (which parents are not allowed to do) in order to be next to the children before and after being anaesthetised and to stay with them during the operation if they don’t have to be anaesthetised. They are a friendly presence before, during and after the operation.

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Pallapupas photography by Albert Faus, the Pallapupas staff photographer.

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Claudio Molino
Translation by Nico Herowych
on 28/04/2011
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