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We are happy to present the new volunteers at Claire Savelsbergh, Liz Cherba, Julie Nyce and Lauren Bayse are students from the United States and Miranda Gubbels is an EVS volunteer from the Netherlands, working with this semester in Barcelona.

Liz and Julie are students with the IES program. Liz is from New Jersey and Julie is from Pennsylvania (both of these states are in the north). Liz is an International Studies major at Virginia Polytechnic University. She wants to work with humanitarian groups like “Make a Wish Foundation.” Julie is a Rehabilitation and Human Services major at Pennsylvania State University. She wants to be a counselor to people with addictions. Claire is a student with the CEA program and is from Texas, which is in the south of the United States. She attends College of William and Mary and is a Global Studies major with a concentration in European Studies. She wants to work with an international firm. Miranda just finished her master Operations Research and will stay in Barcelona for a year. Lauren is a student with the CEA Global Education program and studies at the College of William and Mary in the United States with majors in Government and Hispanic Studies. She hopes to one day work in international law.

Outside of school, they have various trips planned for this semester. Last weekend Liz went to Valencia and Julie went to Madrid with IES. Claire went to London as well. For future vacations, Liz, Julie, and Claire are going to visit Italy. Julie and Liz work a lot with translations. Their last project was the annual report for 2011. Claire also works with translations and helps with social media communications like Facebook. All three wish to better their Spanish while studying and traveling in Europe. Laurens past travels while here include: London and Madrid and she will be traveling to Seville, Rome, and Paris in the near future.

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