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Discussions about innovation and technology with the Third Social Sector.

Discussions about innovation and technology with the Third Social Sector is a co-creation process opened to people that make social transformation processes possible, either from the entities themselves or as specialists contributing their knowledge.
On March  21st, we presented the Opinion group in innovation and technology with the Third Social Sector.

Jordi Tudela, Ramon bartomeus i Roger Buch en un moment del debatDuring the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya  meeting we presented very important aspects to analyze the day by day entities as well as their near future. Moreover, it let us make a contextual map. Therefore, we can investigate innovation tendencies and factors related to technologies. 
The aim of Innovation and Technology with the Third Social Sector meetings is to continue promoting this co-creation process in order to be able to develop techonological tools. Therefore it will give help to the sector in social transformation processes.

Apart from organizers and promoters, Frederic Cussi from Padern BCN, David Prujà from Economía Social Tercer Sector, Pere Rueda from Ampans, Laia Grabulosa from Associació Empresarial de la Iniciativa Social of Catalunya, Merixtell Campmajó from intress, Jordi Tudela from Asproseat, Ramon Bartomeus from, Roger Buch from Fundació Pere Tarrés, Paula Veciana from Fundació Jaume Bofill, Roger Casero from Fundació Plataforma Educativa and Andrea Valls from Fundació Salut i Comunitat were also there.

The discussion was open to everyone that partook in the social transformation process, either as a member of the organization or because they have collaborated. The bigger the discussion is, the more value we can contribute.

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Translation by Paulina Cardinale
on 29/03/2012
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