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At, we have decided to dedicate the month of February 2013 to supporting the Oozebap Project . We are very proud of the project which has seen the creation of an online bookshop and we would like to invite you all to do whatever you can to get involved in supporting it.

is a non-profit cultural association which was founded in Barcelona in 2005 and works independently of other institutions or universities. Oozebap’s sphere of action is the African continent and the Islamic world. Its principal concern is increasing awareness through the publishing of books and the distribution of the free magazine, ‘Africaneado’. The team and the quality of the writers, academics and activists taking part in the project are core.   

In 2013 we are launching a new website. It is a virtual bookshop from which you can by all your books; hard copies and e-books. On the new website you will also be able show your support and become a member of Oozebap and contribute to sustaining its independence whilst taking advantage of the huge discounts available on books.

10 things YOU can do to help:

1- Visit the virtual bookshop
2- Buy a charity book
3- Download an e-book
4- Buy a book as a gift
5- Follow the project on Facebook
6- Sign up to the RSS
7- Share this story with someone else
8- Become a member and receive a free book
9 - Ask for advice about your project and we can support you on the Internet
0- Take a moment to think about Africa


Translation by Rebecca Hunter
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