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Headline news supports Yo apoyo el crowdfunding movement

From a long time we are involved in an idea of crowdfunding. This financing option collects projects and gives an opportunity for realization thousands of useful causes, that can bring new, quality jobs, needed help and hope. It is a vision in which we believe.

That is why, with our crowdfunding platforms partners – Smilemundo and Worldcoo, we want to support the initiative - Yo apoyo el crowdfunding.

This movement gives a spotlight on a need for changes in Spanish specific legislation to support, defend and promote the crowdfunding of various forms, from all administrations. On you can find a prepared petition that includes a series of requests that will be present to the Government of the Kingdom of Spain.

Below some main points requested by the movement:
1. Reduction of VAT from 4% to 10% for projects classified as cultural, social, educational, scientific, sports, research & development.

2. Possibility that any person (micro business), public or private organization can participate in any business (new or established) through small investments (minimum 20 euros) in an easy, simple and dynamic, changing existing or creating new figures.

3. Reduced percentage, either on the income tax or corporation tax as talk of individuals or companies to pay for the interest or profits generated by their contributions.

If you want to get to know more, we are encouraging to visit

If this project will reach the attention of the authorities there is a chance for a big change in the field of the new financing option that gives the opportunity for all citizens, with facilitating their implementation.

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