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SenseCamp Barcelona - a brain spa for social entrepreneurs and Smilemundo participated in the SenseCamp Barcelona last Saturday, organized by the local branch of the MakeSense movement, whose main goal is to help social entrepreneurs solve their challenges.

The event itself was held on Saturday, 27 April and it was a very special day for social entrepreneurs in Barcelona. They had the unique opportunity to unite with other social entrepreneurs from Europe and from the rest of the world, discuss pressing issues, exchange experiences and learn from each other while participating in highly interactive workshops and sessions.

SenseCamp is an autonomously organized event where the local gangsters (members of the MakeSense movement) connect the local community of social entrepreneurs with enthusiast about social business coming from abroad. This creates an atmosphere in which ideas are being shared and collaborative spirit is the norm.

Learning Journey at

European entrepreneurs got the chance to visit Barcelona in an original way the day before the event. They participated in the so called Learning Journey with an objective to introduce them to the Barcelona entrepreneurial scene and to make them discover the local culture in a fun and entertaining way. One of the groups visited the office in Barcelona, while others went to LabCoop and MOB coworking spaces, and the fourth group visited the dance school - Bacantoh.

The main event started on Saturday morning, hosted by the Mobile World Centre. It featured a combination of talks, interactive presentations and creative workshops called Hold-Ups whose main goal is to help social entrepreneurs solve the challenges they face. The idea behind a Hold-Up is to have a multi-disciplinary group of participants generating creative solutions to a challenge or a problem a social enterprise faces. This process is facilited by one of the MakeSense members.

Hold-Up - Smilemundo

Smilemundo was also in a Hold-Up and the participants generated some very interesting ideas to be implemented in the future of this social crowdfunding platform.

To find more information about the SenseCamp Barcelona go here:

And of course, this is not the only event happening this year. The next one up is SenseCamp UK, taking place in London, from 7-9 June.
So, if you'd like to get inspired by the stories of social entrepreneurs or you'd like to have your project in a Hold-Up or you're just an enthusiast about social business you would be more than welcome to join this event. More info on how to apply here:

To find our more information about the MakeSense movement and how to get involved:

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