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Gaudí Comerç

At we are helping to promote the Gaudí Comerç project by developing its website and assisting in IT and communication matters.

GAUDÍ COMERÇ – Working towards a more sustainable city

In recent years the production of waste in Catalonia has increased as a result of a rise in consumption, brought on by a change in living habits. Achieving a change of attitude by society for a more sustainable city involves the active participation of everyone: citizens, tourists, traders, businesses and government.

We encourage you, therefore, to work towards a more sustainable city. It only requires a small change in mindset at the point of use in order to reduce waste, and a consideration to shop in local establishments to contribute to the economic sustainability of Barcelona and Catalonia.

Responsible tourism leaflet online


Neighbourhood solidarity

The call for cooperation has reached areas where residents and local traders are finding ways to help those blighted by poverty. In the Sagrada Familia neighbourhood the traders linked to Gaudí Comerç organise not only several campaigns throughout the year to supply food for the local parish, but also events during their annual fair in order to raise funds.
One such event, the traditional Caminata Solidaria, involves a walking tour of the neighbourhood in which the participants visit little known and interesting places which normally go unnoticed by passersby. The outing is run by Agrupació Excursionista de Catalunya, which asks for a donation from those involved.

In response to the need to create social networks for the local community, the neighbourhood association has formed Time Banks - El Banco del Tiempo. This encourages the community to get to know each other, exchange knowledge and give support to those who live alone or need help.


Give your objects a new life

Come and see the exhibition "Todavía no soy un residuo" (I am not yet a piece of rubbish) on the 19th October, on Avenida Gaudí from 11am to 8pm. Many of the objects we throw out are not completely useless and can be given a second life. This exhibition shows us examples of objects recovered from recycling points and allows us to think twice about what we dispose of.

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Translation by Neil Maclean
on 12/08/2013
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