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The new Amazonia Foundation’s website

The Amazonia Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Palma de Mallorca which develops community projects aimed at helping young Latin-Americans who feel marginalised by society.

We have coincided with the Amazonia Foundation on a number of projects in the past so it has been great to finally have the opportunity to embark on a project together on their website.

We have been able to put support in place quickly because the project was already “under construction” and we have mainly helped by speeding up the process but despite this, the result has made it a worthwhile collaboration.

The foundation’s website is now up and running at: It is based on Ab-core, an internet service platform developed by for NGO and boasts some of the features which are becoming the norm in our projects.
-       perfectly adapted to all sizes of tablet, telephones and even to big screens
-       a homepage which automatically updates itself with the latest news and the collaborators’ logos.
-       compatible with Facebook and has an application which allows you to share news on social network sites with just one click.
-       transparency: every project has its own page with all the details which a sponsor would require.

It is a pleasure to work on projects that have such an impact on society.

Translation by Rebecca Hunter
on 30/09/2013
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