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Headline news plants a tree in Senegal within the campaign "Give a rest to the forest"

A lare tree (fruit highly prized in Senegal by the local population and one of the main foods consumed by chimpanzees in the area) has been named  in recognition of the work done by the entity in this country within the campaign “Give a rest to the forest“.

This campaign is part of the project Movilízate por la selva  "Speak Out for the jungle", driven by the Jane Goodall Institute in Spain , a non- profit organization that actively works worldwide to fight the problems affecting African communities and ecosystems through education and awareness of the civil society, conservation and sustainable development programs . has been collaborating for years with this project through their support in technology .

The campaign's main objective is to encourage the reuse and recycling of mobile devices and raise funds to support education and conservation programs in several African countries like in the Democratic Republic of Congo where is the Recovery Center for Chimpanzee Tchimpounga, or in Senegal.

Gardering centers to regenerate the forest

One of the outstanding shares is the initiative Dale una tregua al bosque “Give a rest to the forest”, which promotes the creation of gardening centers of lare (Saba senegalensis) . In recent times, due to mass exploitation and uncontrolled fires, the amount of lare has been reduced in Senegalese forests. That is why, the inhabitants of the rural community of Dindefelo have decided to carry out an ecological challenge about collecting seeds of this fruit and to find a more sustainable solution, through the construction of gardening centers. Alongside gardening centers, local families have also planted trees of lare on their own land and one of these trees has been named .

Lots of thanks to everyone in the community!

From here we hope that our tree grows as strong as this fantastic project...


Rebeca Febrer
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