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UFeed: Stop hunger through an app on your mobile.

Helping has never been so easy, we’ve many to share and now we can do it with just a few clicks.

It seems ironic that in the developed countries, obesitas and other alimentary disorders like anorexia, are one of the principal concerns, and that millions of people in developing countries are still in hunger. We want to change this reality. Using the advantages that new technologies offer, we have found an easy way to collaborate and interactive. Thanks to our new app and using micro-donations, we can send with only 4 clicks spared food to the people in hunger.

App UFeed
From compulsive eating to helping collectively

By using our app, every time you spend money on a whim like ice cream or coffee, we will have the possibility to finance projects that guaranty the alimentary security in developing countries. We give the opportunity to help others at the same time you give a favour to yourself.

UFeed raises funds and supports the work of various small and medium NGO’s
UFeed selects and supports projects that aren’t limited to build structures or donate goods, but collaborate empowering disadvantaged groups and support local projects until they are self-sustaining. These NGO’s receive no governmental funding or financial support from major donors; therefore the effort undertaken and the results obtained go unnoticed in most cases.

Introducing interactivity in the area of cooperation
Our members can see the impact of their micro-donations, and we will show how much can be achieved with a small amount of money. We will send monthly reports to the donors so that they can track the projects they support. Furthermore, UFeed doesn’t invest money on marketing. We give a bowl of rice each time a micro-donation is shared on social networks. This way our users are those who promote the work of NGO’s that we support.

About UFeed
This project was born out of an initiative of a Spanish NGO, Yooou (formerly Group 2013), whose primary objective is to break the vicious cycle of poverty by giving education scholarships and granting micro-loans to disadvantaged people in developing countries. Yooou also works in Madrid through tuuu Bookseller, bringing books to all the people who want them, as well as by MAYA project, which provides free after-school classes at schools.

Yooou maintains a collaboration agreement with and Smilemundo to promote the UFeed project and the use of synergies in the joint mission to improve the society, using information technology and communication.

We invite you to download the app! If you have an Android click here and if you have an iPhone, here.

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Translation by iris kuntze palomas
on 18/12/2013
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