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A thousand people involved in #SolidariWith!

After the first days of #SolidariWith, we have gained more than 1000 people who are implicated in the dissemination of the selected projects.
Who are the highest voted organizations?

The first objective of #SolidariWith is to consolidate the social basis of the entities and by this way, extend the visibility of the projects at the most solid period of the year.

A secondary objective is to obtain some of the awards, and We share the provisional classification  for the fans of the race.

1 -ACCU Espanya,  2 -Associació catalana de Puntaires, 3 -Itaca els Vents, 4 -Jane Goodall, 5 -Fundación Amazonia

This is the December 11, 2013, classification!  Organizations are very tight and anytime your favorite organization can move into first place!

We encourage you to keep taking advantage of this opportunity.

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