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New project CreActiva

The project CreActiva began last May with the aim to establish a national network that promotes and unifies efforts of various social organizations, businesses, government and educational institutions towards social entrepreneurship and social innovation. be one of the organizations that help the development of this project, building a better world. 

This project has the financial support by Active Citizenship Programme by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014, Spain channeled to NGOs Platform for Social Action. It will be led by Jovesolides and (Barcelona) will support very actively with other strategic partners as Sinnergiak (Bilbao) Recreation Foundation (Madrid) and IVAJ (Valencia). An alliance that has its origin in the International Forum for Social Innovation, where most of the organizations of this project participated very actively.

The forum took place in a context of widespread disappointment in the third sector of social action, at a time when nearly 30% of organizations had been extinguished or had ceased its activity during the years 2010 and 2012, as noted the report "the reaction of the Third Sector in the area of ​​crisis." With this background, the forum was a breath of fresh air for about 200 people and more than 60 national and international organizations that gathered in Valencia.

A place, where it was found that to make changes, it was necessary to generate different ideas and other ways to create and organize. A place for learning and sharing innovative strategies where they began to develop ideas and projects Creactiva or Smileurbo. Smileurbo, the game of the people, is developed by the organization Smilemundo and is aimed at promoting cooperation and understanding of citizenship and the common good to resolve conflicts interactively.

After the forum, Jovesolides made ​​a commitment to continue promoting entrepreneurship and social innovation in the organization and the third sector. At any time, the organization has been clear that this path of transformation could not be started alone, therefore, Jovesolides, which this year celebrates its 15th anniversary, wanted from the first moment the enormous potential that the ONLs have accumulated over many years, the administration, the academic and the business part of becoming aware that their business model should be more social.

The network Creactiva brings together all those organizations, companies, governments or academic institutions wishing to grow and innovate, improve and share their work in the field of entrepreneurship and social innovation. Creactiva promotes youth social entrepreneurship initiatives through training and exchange of best practices, and with the support of governments introduce political agenda entrepreneurship and social innovation as a strategy for improving the employability and social cohesion. In short, this network potentialities want to add multiple players to continue building a more just and supportive world.

The program Active Citizenship seeks to strengthen civil society, social justice and democracy. Stay up to date on the developments of this program, you can follow the hashtag #CiudadaniaActiva or its profile on twitter @Ciudadania_Act. 

This program is the result of collaboration between the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA Grants), the Government of Spain (from the focal point of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration) and the Platform of NGOs Social Action.


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