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Registering your NGO with the new .ngo or .ong web domain

There are many issues that NGOs face when it comes to running a successful organization. Besides a lack of funds and issues regarding structural organization, various NGOs end up their campaigning because of the same issue. However, the new .ngo/.ong domain will forever change how NGOs operate.

There are millions of NGOs operating all over the world and each one faces different issues when trying to effectively run their organization. In an effort to improve their effectiveness, the Public Interest Registry has introduced a new Internet resource for NGOs that will allow them to have the .ngo or .ong domain for romanic languages only. Thanks to this new .ngo domain it will be easier to recognize valid organizations, as both domains will be exclusively given to verified NGOs that meet a set of requirements that prove their legitimacy.

Most organizations currently have the .org domain, but then anyone can obtain the .org domain. This new domain will serve as a directory for NGOs allowing greater visibility for various organizations as well as a way for them cooperate and communicate with each other, as well as giving them credibility and trust and changing how they operate.
The .ngo domain is coming in October of 2014. For more information or to show your interest visit global ngo.

Ask for your domain here   Domini .ngo

As we are doing with the Google Grants, here at we are managing the development of this process for those NGOs interested in this evolution. The inscription has not yet started, but if you want to manage these development for you, please leave your details here.

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