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Headline news signs a partnership agreement with the Rosetta Foundation

The main aim of this organisation is to connect volunteer linguists with organisations working with underprivileged communities.

The Rosetta Foundation fights against the linguistic exclusion which today affects some five million people around the world. The direct consequence for these people is that they have either no or insufficient access to critical information related to health, food, security or justice.

Through the Translation Commons (Trommons), launched by the Rosetta Foundation, excluded communities have access to a full range of language and translation services which, in the long term, allow them to acquire a better and wider knowledge of the issues that directly affect their wellbeing.

Trommons’ Forum 2014
On 3rd and 4th November the Trommons’14 event will take place in London. This event will bring together volunteers, organisations, linguists, technology experts, entrepreneurs etc. with an aim to share different points of view and to elaborate an integrated action plan for the future of sustainable translation. and volunteer translation work
The team of volunteer translators at the Foundation was established over 10 years ago. During this time, their work has helped solidarity projects from 40 countries to take advantage of the opportunities that the internet offers. currently participates in Trommons and encourages all of its volunteers to be part of this great initiative in order to continue expanding the network of translators to other projects that may be in need of them.

Likewise, recommends that all the organisations in its network incorporate this service into their daily activities as it is a very useful and easy-to-use tool.

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Rebeca Febrer
Translation by Maria Eugenia Jaen and Frances Benson (
on 21/11/2014
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