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Would you like to join the CreActiva network?

CreActiva’s website has already been launched! It is a meeting space for entities, organisations, administrations, individuals and educational institutions that want to be updated on and linked to developments in social entrepreneurship and innovation.

On the page you can find information about the different activities being developed by the Network, such as Roundtables, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Labs or the second Social Innovation Forum, which has been carded for June 2015. You will also have access to other important information and developments within this sector.

At present, plans are being put in motion to facilitate the spread of Social Entrepreneurship Labs in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona and Getxo. These labs are to be developed in the months of November and December of this year and will be lead by young people who wish to get more involved in the world of social entrepreneurship and innovation using a creative approach. You can now access the registration page by clicking on this link.

The CreActiva network is currently comprised of the entities; Jovesolides, the project developer, and its strategic partners,, Sinnergiak, Fundació Esplai and the IVAJ, . This alliance originated in the first International forum for Social Innovation, celebrated in 2013, in which actively participated.

CreActiva is totally open to entities and/or individuals who want to become members. The project depends on the financial support of the Active Citizenship Program from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, which, in Spain, is channelled through the NGO Platform of Social Action and which aims at the strengthening of civil society, social justice and democracy. To be kept up-to-date on the development of this program you can follow the label #CiudadaniaActiva or its Twitter profile @Ciudadania_Act.


Rebeca Febrer
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