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The path of the new Abcore Cadí

In 2015 the Foundation will continue to work on more updates and improvements to its internet services platform.

In 2014 an enormous amount of work was carried out to replace our operating system, renew our database software and introduce new rMail online messaging services.

January started with the implementation of a new self-ascendable structure for educational establishments and now, at last, we can reveal the name of the final version of the new Abcore, which will be completed in the first half of this year.

Los pioneros de iWith.orgAbcore Cadí
Cadí is the name of the mountain chain that stretches 25 miles from east to west across the north of Catalonia, between the Golosans and Tancalaporta mountain passes, within the backdrop of an extraordinary natural park.

The name ‘Abcore Cadí’ was chosen to honour the pioneers of, who, along with their passion for new technologies, also shared an enthusiasm for the mountains, and traversed this mountain range many times.


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Rebeca Febrer
Translation by Arturo Bonetti (
on 27/03/2015
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