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23 proposals to address political and social advocacy

If we look at the agendas of our political parties, we realise that practically no one has mentioned social entrepreneurship and social innovation. The European Union along with various international institutions has stressed time and time again the importance of promoting apparatus such as these, yet in Spain it is hardly even addressed; its reach is basically limited to the regional level, as in the paradigmatic case of the Basque Country. As social problems mount ever higher and the youth unemployment rate remains one of the highest in Europe, political stimulation of social innovation and social entrepreneurship have become pressing issues.

In light of this situation, in 2014, Red CreActiva organised four Political and Social Advocacy Summits in Barcelona, Donostia, Madrid, and Valencia, and we now bring you the conclusions.

The Political and Social Advocacy Summits were created by representatives from various social sectors with the intention of contributing ideas that might help counteract this scenario. These different approaches led to a multitude of initiatives regarding administrative operations, in terms of educational content and the role of third sector organisations. This joint effort between political parties, social entities, public administration, and professionals within the education sector has finally materialised into 23 concrete proposals whose aim is to see the incorporation of social innovation and social entrepreneurship into the political agenda and ensure that they are seen as important tools in the development of the country in general and the promotion of youth employment in particular, while at the same time understanding the third sector as being a key ally., as a sponsoring member of Red CreActiva, organised the Political and Social Advocacy Summit in Barcelona, and we want to thank all the participants for their input; without them this initiative would not have been so successful.

You can see the document in its entirety here

Translation by Aaron Kircher (
on 27/03/2015
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