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Abcore Cadí for the third and fourth sectors

Abcore Cadí’s evolution, as well as being a technological advance, is the result of a deep reflection on the evolution of society, in particular the third and fourth sectors, which is aimed at. By this we mean organisations for which economic profit is not the ultimate goal, but rather a means to improve society.

The fourth sector has emerged from the interaction between the three sectors that make up the traditional view the economy: the public sector, private sector and not-for-profit sector. It is a dynamic area of intersection, which recently appeared in the economic sphere due to the exhaustion of the previous living model that threatened the planet’s sustainability, and also because of the growing social concerns of many businesses, whose fundamental objective is no longer the pursuit of maximum profit.

That is the point at which is now, and is the context for the new Abcore Cadí.

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Translation by Arturo Bonetti (
on 27/03/2015
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