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Success story – The redevelopment of Logo, Web and COMSOC voting

The creation of the new COMSOC website has been a long process in which interesting challenges have been exceeded.

COMSOC is an edu-communication group, a radio school, an audio-visual producer, a publisher, an entertainment company, a cooperative which offers workshops and much more. Due to the variety of its projects, the group has several websites which are to this day a bit disjointed.
The goal of renovating the web page was to create a unifying image, a meeting point with a new logo that will demonstrate who they are. With this idea in mind, COMSOC and worked together closely on designing the web page which was suited for mobiles and tablets, with a current design and the use of the Abcore Cadí, which allows them a multilingual management of the site. 
The result is a page and a consistent logo where all of the group projects are gathered: the podcast competition, the shows, the radio workshops, social documentaries, books and disks that have been published without losing individual project pages in which the history and details are saved at any time.   
On the other hand, every year, COMSOC organises the Podcast competition, stories from all over the world. Up until the past edition, the votes were cast through hashtags on Twitter, this consisted of a tiresome counting task at the end of the voting process. In order to facilitate this task, iWith has incorporated the newly released voting tool as a basis for solidariwith on the web and also in this way, the number of shares on social networks can be known.

Once this journey together has been finalised, #comsocesrenova and we like it!

Translated by xx-dani16-xx

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