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Red Acoge strengthens bonds with its social bedrock through the use of Abcore technology

The federation and have developped together a project that is starting to get good results.  


Red Acoge is a federation made up by 18 organizations spread through the entire state territory. Its goal is to promote the rights of foreigners, immigrants and refugees who are in a vulnerable situation. In order to accomplish this mission, the tools that the Internet has to offer play a vital role in the digital era. Through this interesting journey that and Red Acoge have undertaken together, they have managed to develop a successful project that, among other things, has helped to improve the appearance of the website with a more carefree design and also to provide a service of webinars for interaction through video conferences.

The visual aspect is an essential element to invite users to remain in the website they are visiting. To this end, and Red Acoge have been able to create a design of web templates which, in turn, has been adapted for devices such as smartphones, tablets or e-books, using Responsive technology. In addition, Red Acoge‘s website has now a very attractive design for the forms that the federation provides to its donors so that it is easier for them to contribute.

And this is not all; another innovation that we have introduced in this collaborative teamwork experience is the provision of a payment gateway. Once users have filled out the personal data form to make a donation, they must immediately access an interface where they can securely make the electronic payment. The technical name for this service used to authorize electronic payments is "electronic gateway" and, from now on, the Abcore Cadí platform is ready to use TefPay technology. This system is specialized in electronic payments and it ensures a very high level of payment security in a fast, efficient and simple manner. How does the system accomplish this? TefPay eliminates the possibility of fraud by using cryptographic codes that ensure secure communication. Furthermore, TefPay protects the cardholder’s personal information thanks to a series of regulations that credit and debit cards have developed for all the companies that store and/or transfer credit card information, such as TefPay in this case. This also allows TefPay to help prevent frauds and ensures safety.

As mentioned above, a service of webinars has also been launched with tools like Go to Webinar or Go to Meeting. Red Acoge has taken advantage of this new feature by bringing it into the Sensibiliza Project with the aim of offering training in the topic of diversity management in working environments for all those interested, regardless of their location. This enterprise has also been strengthened with the use of the new online training campus. Finally, the implementation of the training campus adds to the list of achievements resulting from the collaboration between iWith and the Red Acoge Federation.

Rubén Escobar
Translation by Guillerom Umpiérrez
on 00/00/0000
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