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The Obertament Case: Standing Up For Mental Health via Internet

Obertament is fighting against the stigmas surrounding mental health issues by launching an awareness campaign.

Last January Obertament, a Catalan project whose name plays on the idea of open mindedness and which is fighting against mental health stigmas, got in touch with us wanting to launch a campaign that combined online and offline activities to inform that having mental health issues is normal and it is not something that we should be ashamed to talk about. Impact evaluation studies have shown that Obertament’s awareness campaign in the media is contributing to breaking down the stigmas surrounding mental illnesses today and is also improving attitudes and behavioural intentions.

Within a few days the scholarship committee from, awarded Obertament an advisory grant that was settled in a face-to-face meeting as well as a document outlining recommendations and proposals. With a tight budget, Obertament wanted to ensure that the publishing activities were carried out in the best possible way. Prior to contacting us, Obertament had done its best in its campaign preparation, writing texts, preparing banners, and choosing its broadcasting channels. However, the only thing missing in order to complete its mission was an online Google grant application: the more people on board the better. Unfortunately, requesting a Google Grant is a difficult process and Obertament had to go through a few days of negotiations and in order to be awarded the’s grant, it only had one chance to get it right.

Following the advice received, small changes to the landing page content for catching the attention of Internet users when searching were also applied with the aim of obtaining a measured result of the campaign. They created the keywords, ads, and analytics conversion. In just 10 days, an expert on managing Google Grants, did not only manage to secure a monthly grant worth $10000 for Obertament, but it also prepared the texts for the online ads and the words necessary for launching it in line with Obertament’s message. The negotiations were a success and the ads came out at the same time that the “stand up for mental health” campaign started.

Thanks to the Google Grants, Obertament was able to run a $7,000 online campaign for 40 days. This in turn meant that they managed to make more than 850,000 impressions and obtained 4,900 site visits.

After 40 days, and thanks to the combined efforts of an advertising campaign on the streets of Montes, television and radio ads, a social media campaign and Google Grants ads, 1050 people, which roughly translates as 400 new people, have already joined since the start of the campaign. What is more, around 1000 people have joined the social base of the Obertament movement. has helped Obertament to use the Internet in its work for a better world by being able to reach many more people online. In fact, at we want to break down the stigmas and we have already stood up, will you stand up? Or, will you stand back as if nothing has happened?


Sílvia Bau
Translation by Federica Sagone / Laura Dunne
on 14/09/2015
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