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Calling for Transparency NGO Grants! calls for Transparency NGO Grants so that the organisations can freely create and manage their Transparency Portal.

Citizens from a large part of the world are demanding more transparency in all areas of society, and Information and Communications Technologies are a good tool in response to this demand. As a result of this tendency, some governments has started to legislate the way in which non-profit organisations and organisations from the Third Sector must exercise transparency by publishing not only their accounts, but also their ways of running the organisation, carrying out their mission and meeting their goals.

We believe that the society will appreciate having a common space to see, in an orderly manner, transparency websites of different organisations, and that is the reason why we have launched the website

The portal is arranged in such way that any organisation that complies with the basic requirements can fill in a simple form with its information and documentation. In this manner you will be able to publish the transparency website with a few clicks.

Even though our intention is to offer this service to all the organizations without any cost, we have opened the Call for Transparency NGO Grants to confirm that the beneficiary entities comply with the basic requirements of with whom we assist the Third and Fourth Sector – NGOs, associations, social entrepreneurs and solidarity enterprises – in taking advantage of opportunities provided by the Internet in order to create a world where we would like to live in.

The application for grants is available now by filling in this brief form.


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Translation by Alissa
on 16/11/2015
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