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The Science Night comes to Sabadell with success

We contributed at with the creation of a web page and a promotional video to celebrate this event.    

The Science Night is an event whose goal is to bring science and researchers closer to citizens which and was celebrated on the 18th of November in Sabadell. In its first edition, the event highlighted and assessed the relevance of science in people’s lives. With its mission to guide not-for-profit organizations and projects, we guided Fundació Bosch i Cardellach and Fundació Parc Taulí in the process of preparing for the Science Night on the internet.

Firstly, it was decided that the project needed a website and other promotional materials. The Fundació Bosch i Cardellach, which had already known about us, asked us for support. When we had our first meeting, we sought to understand the needs and how we could help by offering the best proposal. “You proposed different actions to us, taking into consideration that we recently collaborated on the Obertament campaign, and it was all very exciting”, comments Laura Vicens, Technical Secretary from Fundació Bosch i Cardellach. In general, what the Evening of Science needed most were a webpage and a promotional video.

Secondly, regarding the webpage, we proposed a structure and a design that were being constructed and modified. Given that from this Foundation they manage their website with the same tools, the arrangement in place was very good. With respect to the video, there was a meeting to plan the script and the morning for recording.

With its special focus on the prevention of mental health problems in children and youth, the Science Night filled the main floor of the Teatre La Faràndula. For the moment, €28,000 was raised. “We hope that this is not the first and last Science Night, but that it will continue”, stated Vicens. If the people who have been involved in this edition remain committed to the project over the coming years, and at the citizenry and regional levels Sabadell and its surroundings are recognized as a place with scientific value, then the Night Science will have been an unprecedented success.  


Rubén Escobar
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