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Headline news is also an Environmental Donor

Obrador del Tercer Sector Ambiental has launched the #JoSocDonantAmbiental (#IAmAnEnvironmentalDonor) fundraising campaign to show the importance of society’s participation in the conservation of the environment.

We at have supported the campaign #JoSocDonantAmbiental launched by Obrador del Tercer Sector Ambiental, and so we consider ourselves to be environmental donors too, because over the years we have done our bit to help the sector take advantage of the opportunities the internet offers us. 

In 2009 we, together with other organisations in the industry, set up the programme Technological Support for environmental entities in the framework of Pla Nacional d’Associacionisme i Voluntariat, through which 25 intervention projects were developed. Although all the projects featured technological support as a common denominator, each project focused on the individual needs of each organisation. In order to understand the projects and initiate means of collaboration, we held advice sessions with these 25 organisations from the environmental sector, after which we helped some organisations manage websites, online newsletters, forms and social networks. In other cases, we took on more strategic issues or worked on initiating new projects.

Since then, has worked in close collaboration with the sector, and so far in 2016 we have already donated assistance grants to Obrador del Tercer Sector Ambiental and #TransparenciaONG grants to the Associació de Naturalistes de Girona. In short,’s collaboration with the Environmental Third Sector is ongoing.

Below are a few of the organisations has provided support to:
  • Associació Naturalistes de Girona                                                          
  • El Jardinet dels Gats 
  • Escola de Natura de Banyoles
  • Associació de Serveis Energètics Bàsics
  • Ecoconcern
  • Fundació Privada Carl Faust
  • Asociación Nereo 
  • SEO/BirdLife
  • Mobilitza't per la Selva
  • Bicicleta Club de Catalunya
  • Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori
  • Associació de Defensa del Patrimoni Natural
  • Consorci Forestal de Catalunya
  • Xarxa de Voluntariat Ambiental de Catalunya (XVAC)
  • Obrador del Tercer Sector Ambiental (O3sac)


Rubén Escobar
Translation by Allan Ashleighjayne, Matthew Dykes
on 23/02/2016
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