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Headline news new app for smartphones

Being aware of the importance of smartphones in our society, we offer a new app for non-profit projects.

We have a new App for mobile phones! The app that launched in April 2014 has been updated with new better features for non-profit projects as well as upgrades for users that have a smartphone. In this new version, we have added the personalized ID card. which offers a quick access to the aid and support programme of iWith.

Users can get the ID card for free and they can use it for every activity with Moreover, the project is especially designed to give easy access, through one click in the app, to the aid and support programme for non-profit projects.

The application also offers the latest news, queries on the services, access to the news of the Bocatics blog, and online tools and resources for NGOs.
Descargar la aplicación para productos Apple                                              Descargar aplicación para dispositivos Android
Con la lectura de este código QR se puede acceder
a la Apple Store o Google Play Store

The previous version of this app, with more than 6.000 downloads and 30.000 sessions, was a great success. The app is available for free for Android as well as for iPhone. Thanks to the collaboration and help of Ohlalapps, a platform that creates applications for mobiles, can help non-profit projects have their own app in mobile devices.

If you want to create your own app, contact us.


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Rubén Escobar
Translation by Maria Inserillo / Erika Amadei
on 23/05/2016
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