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Headline news is added to our priority network to grant assessment meetings!

The Crowd-Promoting platform is an opportunity for non-profit organisations. Users can create solidarity events to increase sales for local business and to attract donations.

The assessment grants by aim to accompany NGO’s, associations, foundations, social entrepreneurs and solidarity enterprises in taking advantage of the opportunities that the Internet and new technologies offer. To apply for an assessment grant, it is necessary to make a request, which will be subsequently evaluated by the Scholarship Committee. In this sense, an aspect that prioritizes the approval of a request is the fact of belonging to a network such as Red Creactiva, AshokaConsell d'Associacions de Barcelona,  Red de Economia Solidaria, The Rosetta Foundation, iFeel Maps, etc. Now, a new project has been added to this list, and consequently all the organisations which are part of its network will have priority for the granting of assessment grants.

This is Everybody Helps, a global platform where different organisations promote their projects and, in turn, they can receive donations. Since 2013 has collaborated with the project launched by Dr Javier Palacios Fenech, a former professor of Marketing at the University Adolfo Ibáñez in Chile. Now, we are taking a step further, and we are also offering to organizations the possibility of using Everybody Helps as a platform to launch small Crowd-Promoting actions. And, what is Crowd-Promoting? It is the art of launching small collective actions of promotion to achieve greater exposure than could be reached if it were done individually.

How does Everybody Helps work?

Everybody Helps is a triangle between enterprises, NGO’s and users.
  • Users create an event to promote a local business. For example, imagine that you want to promote the T-shirts from an Ethnic fashion shop on Giving Tuesday.
  • As a result of this promotion, the local business increases its sales and makes a donation. For example, The Ethnic fashion shop has sold 100 T-shirts at 10€ each. From each 10€, it decides to donate 1€ to the promoter, and 1€ to an association or NGO.
  • The promoter, the enterprise, as well as the NGO wins. 

This way Everybody Helps could follow the footprints of Giving Tuesday and be an opportunity for the NGO’s of receiving donations.


Rubén Escobar
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