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We are organising a course on “Social communication for Civil Transformation” in Torre Jussana

The course, organised by, will last six days and is intended for European youth organisations as part of the Erasmus+ programme. The course will touch on topics such as social networks, digital communication and non-violent communication.

Under the title of “Social communication for civil transformation”, the course will begin the following 23rd of November and takes part of the Erasmus+ programme. It aims to offer tools and strategies for the construction of peace projects aimed at transforming society for the better. The course, which is based on non-formal learning, is aimed at European youth organisations such as LYVS, My_UA, AVI Moldova, SFERA Movement, HUJ-Armenia, Jump In, Movimento Dehoniano Europeo, SCI Poland or KinningParkComplexCIC

Ukraine, Scotland, Italy, Estonia, Armenia, Belarus, Russia and Moldova are among the countries taking part. Activities over the intensive six day course will be led by Alla Krinitsyna – an experienced trainer in the Third Sector and the volunteering field. The sessions will consist of workshops and seminars; examples include:
  • Social communication: definition, elements and levels
  • Social media as a useful tool for communication
  • The concept of non-violent communication
  • Tools, methods and strategies for internal and external communication in youth organisations (offline and online tools)
  • Achieving civil transformation through communication: peace building and conflict resolution
  • Communication campaigns
The training will focus on the Internet and the digital landscape, and aims to improve communication in charitable organisations. The course is aimed at young workers and leaders from the organisations who have good English. A campus will be provided so that participants may discuss the content covered during the sessions. The Abcore Cadí platform will be used for practice exercises on internet communication. Training will take place in Torre Jussana, with Mescladís in charge of catering. There is also the possibility of organising activities such as a thematic cinema night or an international dinner.



Rubén Escobar
Translation by Helen Myers, Mark Wood
on 07/12/2016
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