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Semántica Social launches a new online training campus

The project worked on the Abcore Cadí platform has been developed directly on the new version of Moodle. It now offers a modern appearance with a creative design.

Semántica Social (Social Semantics) is a training campus for charity projects, NGOs and social entrepreneurs. The project launched by María Mercedes García is a platform which offers courses to improve communication of not-for-profit causes with a particular focus on digital marketing, focussing on increasing awareness and fundraising online. It was within this context that María Mercedes contacted us to improve her virtual Moodle campus and to improve the usability of the website.

From there, we started an exciting journey in which we jointly decided to integrate the Social Semantics campus into the internet services platform Abcore Cadí, and directly install version 3, which is the latest version of Moodle, onto María Mercedes’ training platform. The appearance and design of Moodle campuses are generally not very modern, therefore we also changed the design so that the webpage had a touch of creativity and offered a more modern look. “With iWith I feel that the support that they have given me has been of quality”, María Mercedes told us.  

Finally, icons for social media sites were added at the foot of the page, the forms system was improved and the corporate colours of the training campus were maintained. Social Semantics they have told us that they are highly satisfied with the project, and therefore we feel once again that we have accomplished our mission.

María Mercedes García, fundadora de la plataforma Semántica Social

Rubén Escobar
Translation by Alessandra Sandrin, Anna Lucie Graves
on 03/01/2017
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