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The Digital Emotion Grant has been awarded to intellectual disability!

The organisation Best Buddies has won the grant to have a promotional video made about their activities. In addition, we have chosen eight organisations to be awarded with an honourable mention.

Best Buddies is the winning organisation of the Digital Emotion Grant. Although there were many causes which deserved the grant, intellectual disability has stood out above the rest. The grants committee has analyzed 85 proposals that have applied for the grant to obtain a creative and promotional video about their organisations. This process has been full of meetings and consultations among all the participants.

The theme of disability and intellectual diversity is currently being defended by a large number of small organisations which have applied for the grant. As a result, and Inuit Films have chosen to encourage them to work together on this project, convinced that this step should also help the field to get strength. For this reason, we have additionally selected eight organisations to obtain an honourable mention for the Digital Emotion Grant. The selected organisations are the following: As Irene Menéndez says, "intellectual disability operates almost universally in the midst of a tradition of exclusion and segregation, denying people with disabilities essential opportunities for socialization, integration and participation within the community."


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Translation by Araceli Patino, Andrew Robinson
on 13/03/2017
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