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Announcing the Culture Grant for non-profit projects!

The grant application is open until 15 June 2017. The objective is to advise a non-profit organisation on the use of ICT and the Internet.

The organisation has announced the Culture Grant to advise non-profit organisations such as NGOs, foundations, associations, companies or social enterprises on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the Internet. The grant is especially aimed towards cultural organisations, whether they are musical associations, youth non-profits, etc.

The grant consists of an advisory session with foundation members where the project is known, its needs are detailed, and a report is prepared which sets out the best proposals to follow for the organisation to make the most of their Internet opportunities. These proposals are also listed in a recommendations sheet for the organisation itself to implement directly in their project.

The decision of which project is awarded the grant will be taken by the Grants Committee, with the approval of Ms Chus Roig, and will be published on the foundation’s website. Some organisations have already benefitted in previous years from the grant, including the Guachipelín Foundation (2015) and the Diversión Solidaria Foundation (2016).

The application period closes on 15 June 2017. If your non-profit project is interested in applying for the grant, you can do so by following this link.


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Rubén Escobar
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