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Cristina Navarrete (Aúna): “We value iWith more as a strategic partner than as a service provider”

Aúna has renovated and modernised its webpage design. The web project that supports social innovation initiatives has put its trust in Abcore Cadí to adapt to its new needs. In this interview, Cristina Navarrete, Project Manager of Aúna, explains what it has been like to work with us. 

Aúna has renovated and modernised its web page design and it is now much more accessible, visual, intuitive and easier to navigate. To do so, Aúna have put their trust in Internet Services Platform Abcore Cadí to manage their web communication and, among other things, enable an rMail service that allows the management of their emails, bulk mail and newsletters. The Aúna project helps initiatives with a social end to fulfil their mission through knowledge and social innovation. Cristina Navarrete, Project Manager of Aúna, explains to us what it has been like to work with

1. How did you get to know about us and how did your contact evolve during the consultation session?
We got to know about through the internet, searching for opportunities for Aúna. The consultation session took place via Skype and, overall, we connected really well with the team. There has been a great willingness on the organisation’s part to understand our project and our needs.

2. Which actions took place to bring about the project with Aúna?
Following the consultation session by Skype, we received a more detailed proposal by email which included the web development. We had another Skype session to look at the details of the proposal that was finally adapted to our means. For the web development, we have had several sessions over Skype, exchanging emails and receiving training to use the Abdore Cadí Platform.

3. Did you find any difficulties in implementing the project?
Some; mostly relating to meeting deadlines and the web design.  

4. To what extent was the training useful?
It was very useful, although we then had to reinforce it with some additional consultations.

5. How satisfied is Aúna with the final result?
We are happy!

6. How would you value the assistance and support from
The support and the way the team has been there for us has been good. There has always been great willingness on the part of iWith, although we would have liked to be a little more flexible at times.

7. Would you recommend working with us to other people? Why?
Yes. Beyond the web creation, we have felt that there has been a desire to work on more projects together, as such, we value iWith more as a strategic partner than as a service provider. 

Cristina Navarrete, Project Manager of Aúna. Photo: Aúna

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Rubén Escobar
Translation by Milagros González, Claire Storey
on 03/07/2017
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