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Nieves de León: "We are glad because the new website reflects what we want to show about the brand"

The brand of fashion accessories and home furnishings that employs women at risk of social exclusion launches a new online store with Prestashop and have a new website adapted to operate in laptops, tablets and mobile phones. 

Dona Kolors has a new virtual store where you can sell your fashion accessories and home furnishings through online shopping. The brand, which offer jobs to women at risk of social exclusion, has entrusted to develop their webstore integrated in the Prestashop software, ideal to the creation and management of e-commerce. Similarly, together with the development and design of the store, the organisation's website was designed in a manner faithful to their corporate identity. As such, the page now has an intuitive menu with a series of submenus with different themes.

In this way, Dona Kolors modernises and creates a non-profit project which allocate its earnings to providing courses in dressmaking and self-employment training to women with whom they work. In addition, the brand's accessories are also produced in an ethical manner. Nieves de León, director of El Lloc de la Dona, explains how was the work process has been:

1. How did you meet and how did the relationship develop at the consulting session?
We met through somebody who recommended you, but at this moment, I don’t remember who it was. We were able to contact to you and you answered our request very quickly. You called us mutual knowledge meeting and then started the project and work. We were very pleased with the involvement of both parties That is to say, we work on the information technology part under the guidance of iWith.

2. What actions have been taken to bring about the Dona Kolors online store?
We performed an internet study and changed the design to make it more attractive and user friendly to the client. Training was also provided to the Dona Kolors employees so that the planned activities could be carried out.  

3. Did you find any difficulties in the implementation of his project?
The only difficulties came about because of our level of work, but iWith adapted to our pace and dedication to the project.

4. In what way was the training useful?
Training is very important to us. Normally, in social projects, very little time is devoted to communication and having someone guiding and helping us keep in mind the issues of communication and image is fundamental.

5. How satisfied is  Dona Kolors with  the store?
We are very happy because the new website reflects what we want show of the brand. It is attractive and we believe the people who visit will  easily find what they are looking for. Information on Dona Kolors products and the project behind it is accessible.  

6. How would you evaluate the assistance and support of
We evaluate it very positively since they are professional people who adapt to your pace and the potential of the project.

7. Would you recommend working with us? Why?
Yes, of course,  because of your professionalism and vision of digital communication. But above all, because of your devoted and humane treatment.


Rubén Escobar
Translation by Milagros González, Juliana Lopes
on 25/07/2017
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