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CozUare’s website chosen to benefit from the Sports Grant!

Ten organisations were shortlisted for assessment by the Grants Committee of The support programme hands over the website and assistance to CozUare until 2021.  

CozUare, an organisation contributing to the development of civil society by motivating and empowering women through sport, has been chosen to develop its website with, thanks to the Grants Programme for Sports Organisations Web Projects. Today, 20th of September 2017, the Grants Committee chose them over the other 9 sports organisations that had also been selected and approved for the initial advisory sessions and better understanding of their projects.  The other organisations shortlisted were Asociación SportsaSport2liveMaktub AragónHockey Línea Cobras, Coordinadora Nacional de ArtritisFundación Querer, Socialesport, Womenalsodoit,  and Ajedrezytdah. At the same time, the sportsman Oriol Gaspa has also approved the granting of this help.

Virginia Bright is the driving force behind CozUare’s project, an initiative willing to create a recreational movement through art, celebrities and sport, that will transform women’s lives and improve the world we live in. Therefore, carrying out this website includes: 
  • Hosting and web programming in Abcore Cadí
  • Freedom over the design of responsive templates
  • Training
  • Website communication tools such as newsletters
  • Events
  • Press release service
In addition, CozUare will receive support until 2021. During the contact stage with shortlisted organisations, we came across many interesting sports projects. The work and support will start on 25th September this year and continue until 1st January 2021.  

Photo: Twitter

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Rubén Escobar
Translation by Natalia Ramos, Patricia Foster
on 26/09/2017
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