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Headline news stands with CEAR and the refugees

In we work to help those organisations that want to change the world, and CEAR is one of them.

Since 1979  Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado (CEAR) contributes to improve the lives of refugees and asylum seekers all over the world, and it also launches media campaigns to raise global awareness of how important international solidarity is.

How does contribute to CEAR’s success?

In we have created a Campus Moodle Abcore Cadí platform with personalized themes so that CEAR can continue to train their workers. With’s Campus Moodle, CEAR can count on comfortable online training from any place at any time.

We can all eventually become refugees or asylum seekers, and that’s why the well-being of institutions such as CEAR is crucial to achieve a better and wider global development.


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