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From 15th October 2017, newsletters and the sending of mass mailings will operate with DKIM technology. This upgrade will not affect the user's experience on the Internet Service Platform. 
From 15th October, the e-mail marketing service of your NGO in Abcore Cadí, which includes newsletters and mass mailings, will go one step further. We are making significant improvements to this service through, where we will be introducing DKIM technology. And what is DKIM technology? It is an e-mail authentication technology which enables the validation of emails by the receiver through a digital signature. SPAM originating from illegal servers would be reduced to zero if all the e-mail servers used DKIM authentication technology.

The Abcore Cadí Internet Service Platform was so far functioning with SPF (Sender Policy Framework) systems, and DKIM technology will now be added to it. This change will introduce its trial version starting from 1st October 2017, and will be fully available for all of the organisations, associations and NGOs that use the Abcore e-mail marketing service from the 15th of October.

We answer some of your doubts below:

I have understood, but… will my system be affected?

NO! The Abcore administrators will find that it is the same system, open and without major changes.

Will I need to do something during this period?

We recommend that, at least during the initial 15 days of the trial version, you contact before clicking on "send", so we can monitor the process and complete the dispatch.

Is there a charge for this upgrade?

NO! The upgrade with DKIM technology does not have any additional costs.



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Rubén Escobar
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