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The network of theaters of athenaeums of Catalonia has won the Web Award for Culture Projects

The XTAC, network of theaters of athenaeums of Catalonia, has received the Web Award for Culture Projects, which aims to help organizations that promote culture with criteria for improving society. The winning project will have the web services with accompaniment until the year 2021.

The XTAC, network of theaters of Catalan athenaeums, aims to produce an annual show, seek alliances with other theatrical agents and promote networking (purchase of shows, services by theaters, etc.).

The main work of the web that will provide to the XTAC with this Award is the interrelation between the Federation of Athenaeums (FAC) and the theaters that are part of the XTAC. In this case, in addition to the web, we will create an extranet with an event and date service in which the different theaters will work.
Teatros de la XTAC
The Grants Committee, together with Chus Roig, who contributes with her disinterested endowment to this award, first selected the best proposals from among those submitted to the call which were awarded an advisory scholarship. Thus we have had the opportunity to meet many people dedicated to projects of great social value and to exchange knowledge and impressions on web strategies and online communication. Specifically, this time we have offered a counseling session to Asociación Mujeres Migrantes en Cataluña; the VolRelat project of the catalan federation of social voluntary work; to the SIMFONIC Association; to Escena Familiar and to Federació Catalana d'Entitats Corals.

We give a great congratulations to the XTAC, winner of the Web Prize for Culture Projects. We also thank all the organizations and people that have approached on the occasion of this call. announces awards every year in different areas to enhance a project and also, without this being less important, to meet those who are working to improve the world.

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