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The new session of TURN ONLINE on online activism was very successful

Within the framework of the projects to help digitization in youth organizations, the fourth session of our TurnOnline took place from September 18 to 23. This session was held in Bulgaria and discussed online activism.


Online activism
Online activism as a concept exists around 30 years and takes its beginning from the first online protest in 1990 as got the name Lotus MarketPlace. But in spite of the 30 old history of online activism concept, its methods and approaches in the youth NGOs field are not very well known.

One of the project objectives is to empower youth NGOs to develop their actions in the field of online activism by strategic way. Our intention is to move from the “clicktivism” and “to save the world click here” culture to conscious and well planned online and digital activism that implies civic engagement, social mobilization and social changes through strategic usage of Internet and digital tools. Within this line of the project we will implement three activities.
The training  took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) in September, 2018.
The main topics of the activity are:
- history of online activism,
- elements and types of online activism,
- “clicktivism” and “to save the world click here” culture,
- good examples of online activism.
The theme of online activism is a central one of our project. The training has an important role in the process of preparation of the final Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).
It is a summary of the all implemented activities.  The MOOC will be organized in November- December 2018 and will last three weeks. Every week will be dedicated to different topic:
1st week – Digital management and social communication,
2nd week – digital tools for nonformal education,
3d week – online activism.
This MOOC could be interesting for the wide spectrum of the professionals working in the field of youth work: directors of the youth NGOs, community managers, youth workers, project managers and youth trainers. So, going through this MOOC, youth NGO will get all necessary tools for digital transformation and professional work in the online reality.
The conference on the topic of online activism that we are going to implement in Barcelona, in February 2019. During this conference we will present all project results.

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Laura Morral
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