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We make a collection of 8 tools for computers and mobile devices that can be very useful for entities to carry out all those tasks that have to do with information and communication.

You'll be sure to know cloud hosting services like Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. Well, CommonsCloud is a platform that is being built as a collective project based on cooperation and self-management that allows us to do the same things (file hosting, use online applications, etc.), as an alternative to so-called at the beginning of the paragraph. This platform is based on the philosophy of the procomus.

Google Calendar

At this time, who does not know the calendar and electronic calendar of the almighty Google? The fact that events are stored 'online' allows the calendar to be viewed from different places and devices. You can also use multiple calendars, which we can add and share with different levels of permissions for users, allowing collaborative work.


It is a complete 'suite' of online image editing that allows us to make modifications very quickly and easily. With Pixler we do not have to download or install any application, and it does not require advanced knowledge to make photographic retouching. Pixler is an alternative to Gimp for working online, we only need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone and an Internet connection.


Canva is a free web design tool that allows us to easily create documents, posters, infographics, business cards, graphics and much more. It's not a graphic design tool, but a service that helps us make image composition. Canva offers us predefined designs in professional and elegant templates. It also allows us to upload images, add text, change the layout of the elements to the template, etc.

Social SIC

It is a dynamic solution that integrates all project management processes, both internal and external, aimed at social initiative entities. It incorporates tools that are specifically designed to improve the management of associations, foundations, federations, cooperatives and other entities in the third sector. It improves the monitoring of the participating people, the coordination with collaborating entities and the monitoring of the workers.


This Google service offers us the possibility to make video conferencing of up to 15 people in the web version and up to 10 in the mobile version. We can also share the screen of our device, share documents and images, send 'emojis' and record the videoconferencing. You just need to have an account on Google and connect with other people through this platform.


This tool is a fantastic notebook, but goes much further. Evernote allows us to create, organize and share written notes, voice notes, photos, videos, and GPS locations, among other options. Its great potential lies in the fact that it allows us to have all our notes synchronized in different devices (computer, 'smartphone', tablet ...) and to facilitate teamwork by sharing the information of the notes.


Trello is a project management software with a web interface. He uses the kanban system to record activities with virtual cards in a way that organizes tasks, allows them to add lists, attach files, tag events, add comments and share boards.


Source: Bocatics-en
Laura Morral
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