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Gil Gayarre Foundation wins the Web Award for Technology Projects 2018

This entity is dedicated to assist and support the life project of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, and defend their rights and obligations as citizens to achieve the highest degree of social inclusion possible.The objective of this award is to help organizations that promote technology with criteria for improving society. The winning project will have an website with accompaniment until 2021.

The Gil Gayarre Foundation is a consolidated organization of recognized prestige for its model of personalized, adaptable, flexible and inclusive care for people with intellectual disabilities. The programs are developed through the elaboration of a detailed individual plan, always counting on the opinion of people with disabilities and their families, in order to realize their goals, dreams, aspirations and aspirations.

The entity wants to launch the Plena Vejez Project that consists of creating a Web that brings together all the relevant knowledge about Disability and Aging, so that it can be useful for professionals and families who are facing for the first time a new stage of the cycle vital. The Web will contain materials, bibliography, videos, testimonies, tools and intervention methodologies in relation to aging in general and more specifically also that of people with intellectual disabilities.
The Scholarships Committee, together with Ukon Cherry Ltd. , which contributes with its unselfish endowment to this prize, first selected the best proposals from among those that were presented to the call and they were granted an advisory scholarship. Thus we have had the opportunity to meet many people dedicated to projects of great social value and to exchange knowledge and impressions about web strategies and online communication.
Specifically, on this occasion we have offered advice to: 'Fundación Talento', UNAD, Prohabitatge association, Lares, Ecos do sur -Ciberespect and the 'Associació Catalana per al Parkinson'. 
We congratulate the Gil Gayarre Foundation, winner of the Web Project Award for Technology. We also thank all the organizations and people that you have approached to on the occasion of this call. annually convenes prizes in different areas to promote a project and also, without being less important, to know those who are working to improve the world.


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Laura Morral
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